Personalized Videos — Content That Captures Clients’ Hearts

Are you still making general-purpose video ads? Or probably you are not into video marketing at all? It’s time to change the course: TargetMarketing will show you how.

“Out with the Generic, In with the Personalized” is Today’s Strategy #1. Target only the Right Customers with Your Videos

Focusing on video marketing is not the choice, it is an inescapable fate for every company. According to Cisco, videos will make up 80% of all traffic by 2020. 81% of businesses understand this: the number of companies that use video to promote their brand has increased by 18% since the previous year. 99% of them are satisfied with the results.

The clock is ticking faster than you think: it’s now or never to review your video marketing strategy. Today it is not enough just to publish videos, you need to anticipate the real needs of your customer and give them relevant solutions. The only key to your client's heart is personalization.

Video marketing performs great. Personalized video marketing performs 500% better.

And this is too easy to verify even without going into statistical details. We both know how to be in the customer’s shoes: all of us are directly involved in this never-ending process of trade, so we can put ourselves into both buyer’s and seller’s position. Think back to all the time when you were annoyed by the pushy generic video advertisements you see on the web, on the street, on TV, everywhere. Your only wish was to get rid of them. You’re not alone: 74% of customers feel frustrated when website content is not personalized. The number of Adblock users tends to grow by 30% every year, no further comments are needed.

Personalized ads are quite another matter. Just imagine: you receive a video where characters use your name and speak of things you have been looking for a long time. Your feelings? Excitement, satisfaction, relief, happiness. You see that this company cares about your needs and respects your individual traits. Most of the purchases are based on emotions, so the way how you feel during watching is the most powerful call-to-action. Well-made personalized video truly feels you — and that is its greatest strength.

“So how to make personalized videos that convey my message not too pushy, but compelling enough to make people buy?” — you may wonder after reading this. TargetMarketing has an answer.

We know how to make videos which are head and shoulders above the competition

Each company is exceptional, so there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to video marketing. But we are not those cooks who are able to prepare a delicious dish only following a recipe. Down with the recipes! Every time we prepare a unique marketing blend to serve as a catalyst to your brand and accelerate its growth.

We can combine our efforts if you need advice on:
  • Performance analysis of your current video marketing strategy;
  • Targeting your audience and identifying their needs;
  • Personalized message creation;
  • Video production and visual branding;
  • Video marketing strategy development;
  • Video content planning for social media;
  • Distribution of your ads through the main marketing channels.

Are you ready to boost your traffic from search engines by 157%? Grow your revenue 49% faster? Increase your customer’s buying intent by 78% and get at least a 20% raise in sales by adding a personalized message to your video? We bet you do, so don’t hold back and let’s reach and surpass those figures together.

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