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Give your product all you got — obtain the market recognition by improving your website’s performance. If you need some help, we are those hard-boiled professionals who make websites livable.

No More Templates. Let’s Establish Your Brand’s Unique Voice and Image

If you ever run a new venture online, you probably dealt with website builders and their out-of-the-box solutions. And that’s a perfectly normal start of your entrepreneurial journey. Generic websites based on templates are great for product testing, but they are not enough for real growth.

In turn, “traditional” marketing solutions, default SEO settings, dull articles in your corporate blog — all those methods stop working when you want to be more.

To be more you need to do more. To do more means not only to generate great ideas but to know how to make people fall in love with your brand.

Face the truth: customers fall in love only with brands that have personalities.

And even if your brand has personality, but you don’t present it your to your customers in the right way, you still fail at making more sales. To make more sales, you need to adopt a creative marketing approach. Thus, a dollar invested in a creative campaign doubles the sales impact of a dollar spent on an average campaign. The main marketing weapon of each brand is its website, so it’s time to make it individualized.

Double Sales with TargetMarketing — Let’s Create an Individualized Website

A website is the virtual home of your brand. When you invite guests to your place, the main purpose of their visit is not the house itself. However, their general attitude to you may change depending on how your home looks like, how you welcome guests, what atmosphere you create in your place, how cozy and convenient is it, right? The same applies here: your clients pay attention to almost same things while visiting your website.

To win the competition, be precise in your targeting. You won’t invite people that don’t like you to your house, will you? Then stop palming your product off to everyone — 74% of them get frustrated when they see an irrelevant product.

An alternative to traditional advertising?

Our Secret Weapon is the Power of Personalization

You won’t create a better world neither by clogging the web with generic websites nor by promoting your products to wrong leads. TargetMarketing’s team has a goal to contribute in our general well-being, what about you? If it’s a resounding yes, we offer you to do this together. Jointly, we build the one-of-a-kind personalized website that not only increase your conversions by 200%, but improve your customers’ lives.

Aside from our focus on personalization, we collaborate with businesses in favor of:
  • Developing a brand’s personality;
  • Improving their customer’s user experience;
  • Creating the unique design that visually tells the company’s story;
  • Customizing SEO;
  • Optimizing the website’s performance;
  • Strengthening the brand’s content;
  • Choosing the right marketing strategy;
  • Closing more deals through proper collaboration of sales & marketing teams.

Do you try so hard, but still can’t reach the top in engine ranking? What about your conversion rate, are you satisfied with it? We know that nearly 50% of sales reps are missing their quota, so it’s highly likely that you will shake your head for the third time if we ask you regarding sales. But keep your head up: the way out exists. All you need to ask our advice and we will turn the situation in your favor.

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